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Windsor Gluten Free?

Breakfast is all about toast and coffee. Everything else circles around those essential delights… What a pity, therefore, that a long anticipated special breakfast on a Gluten Free Edinburgh trip to Windsor, was all a bit second rate.

Cote is a chain of restaurants in the south east of England. Nicely laid out, great friendly staff and service, plus a nice looking French inspired menu. Having checked in advance that the restaurant catered well for coeliacs and other dietary requirements and had been assured they had a gluten free menu, my kind hostess took us there for a special breakfast.

windsor2Disappointingly, despite having a GF menu for lunch and dinner, they have literally no gluten free options for breakfast. As breakfast centres pretty much on wheat: toast, brioches, croissants, sausages, etc, it is a difficult meal without any of these. Given that five star restaurants are happy to buy in the good quality gluten free bread, it would seem pretty easy for most restaurants to have a loaf or rolls in the freezer, which can be quickly defrosted and warmed up for visitors.

Here is the menu. As you will see, if there is no bread, my choices were very limited and the fact that the food I DID eat was excellent made me even more disappointed. The scrambled eggs with cream and chives were beautifully made and presented with delightful little squares of tasty smoked salmon – really well cooked and served. The yoghurt I had was a gorgeous lavender coloured stone crock of French set yoghurt –just perfect. It would have been so easy for Cote to defrost and lightly toast a Genius or Newburn Bakehouse roll to slide under that egg …

My fellow diners had plates piled high with delicious food. The coffee is great, the service wonderful and the views out of the window to Windsor Castle and the river are lovely, but I would not recommend this venue for a gluten free breakfast, sadly.

What I do recommend is to carry a roll in your handbag and then bring it out to go with your breakfast!


Information: 1
Serving Staff: 3
Choices: 2
Quality: 4
Overall Experience: 3


Cote Windsor
71-72 High Street, Eton, Windsor SL4 6AA
01753 868 344
Please mention Gluten Free Edinburgh when booking.