Eating good quality gluten free food, mainly in Edinburgh



I am not sure Britain has been kind to Mexican cuisine.  We have created a pastiche of plastic chillis, cactus plants and tequila shots.  However, the new Wahaca Mexican restaurant just off St Andrew Square could not be more different.

While on entering, yes -there is loud music, a table top football set and a lively vibe, but the service and food lift it way above expectations.  The streets outside were deserted as it was Monday night, but that was because everyone was in Wahaca where a party was going on!wahaca-edinburgh

The gluten free eater is really well catered for here: an extensive GF menu is presented which has a level of information never seen before. You can see it online here.  Care has gone into ensuring the coeliac and gluten intolerent do not miss out on the Wahacan style mexican wave of enjoyment.  While sharing is always a challenge, there is no shortage of choice if you want tasty treats to share with friends.  There is a good range of main meals too, so you will never feel like you are missing out – the options are good.  There are salads, tacos, enchiladas, steak, chicken and fish, plus a wide range of side dishes.

While my gluten-loving-friend enjoyed a burrito which she pronounced completely delicious, I chose the ‘Mexican City style enchilada’, which came with really moist chicken, tomato salsa and cheese.  It looked like a lot, but strangely I was able to finish it – along with the little bowls of beans and rice; pureed beans and chorizo (called Frijoles and so delicious); and spicy slaw.  Lots of tasty mouthfuls and nothing too spicy.  The flavours were literally flying out of the food.

We had the fortune to be served by Victor, who comes from the real Oaxaca in Mexico.  He assured us the food is as close to the genuine thing as you can get – and he was the genuine article too.  We probed well to check he was not really from Glasgow – and he passed the test!  What a great, real Mexican, server he was and we particularly enjoyed our post-dinner Tequila tutorial, though fought shy of trying it out.  Turns out no one in Mexico does shots – who’d have thought it?!wahaca-gluten-free-2

So while it is the new cuate on the block (don’t you love Google Translate?) and is super busy, put Wahaca on your gluten free restaurant list.  It is so much more than you might expect and you really will enjoy it.  There is a fun vibe, a great range of food and a fascinating and amusing drinks menu.   For those nervous of the faster end of the food spectrum, don’t be: Victor said he was amazed at the level of training they received on avoiding contamination and he said the kitchen takes it really seriously.

I am certainly going back for some more tasty food and I might even enjoy a tequila while there….


16 South St Andrew St, Edinburgh EH2 2AU
0131 202 6850
Please mention Gluten Free Edinburgh when booking.