Eating good quality gluten free food, mainly in Edinburgh



Another family birthday saw us at the longstanding Timberyard in Lady Lawson Street.  I still remember buying actual timber when it was in its original form, but the transformation has always struck me as a brilliant one.

On previous visits, some years back, I had found it cavernous and basic and found the food too fiddly, but somehow they have warmed it up, zapped up the menu and made the vibe much more in keeping with the pricing.  Provenance is key at Timberyard and foraged, local food is always on offer, as well as interesting local drinks.

We set out on our food journey, which started out with some really delicious homemade bread.  The whipped butter looked gorgeous, but sadly was sat on the board with the gluten-loaded bread and while I should have asked for some for myself, the bread was actually good enough without it.  This was the only gluten blip of the whole evening, however.

Like many places, Timberyard offers set menus: 4, 6 or 8, with a couple of options to choose between on the 4 and 6 ones.  As always, I asked about GF a couple of times, but this place got it so well, that actually I didn’t need to.  Even better, there were pretty much no adjustments to the menu needed for a coeliac – I ate exactly the same as my family – and the super friendly staff pointed out that things were ok where I might have worried.

So, to the main deal:  there were some little treats ahead of the four courses we had chosen: a small platter of pickled turnip, sausage and cucumber; then a pile of deep fried potato with a crème fraiche and caviar garnish.

Our first course of monkfish with sea buckthorn and celery was beautiful and delightful, with tiny slices of ceviche fish and little blobs of flavour.  Having once picked and made sea buckthorn jelly, I know how difficult it is to harvest, and also what a weird flavour it has.  The pungency here has been tempered somehow to givejust a piquant flavour.

To follow, two of us enjoyed the scallop with cauliflower, caper and roe (the other had rabbit), with a saltiness that cut through the rich scallop – which was also huge!  This was possibly my favourite course – or maybe all of them were?

The largest course was a gorgeous plate of pork with root vegetables, cabbage and kale – all great for GF and really very delicious.  My fellow eaters had the cod, which they both said was amazing – they then finished my pork for me – and loved that too.

And the pudding included cake!  Made with almonds and rhubarb, with lovely dollops of ice cream and yoghurt, my gluten eating son said this was the best thing he had ever eaten!  Not usually a pudding eater, I loved it too.

A couple of glasses of light Soave and boys on beer and with the set menus, you won’t walk away from Timberyard without an empty pocket.   But you will have a real experience, enjoy great service and have some of the best food you’ve eaten in a long time.  Timberyard, in my view as a local, has really upped its game and is turning out some of the finest set menu meals in town.  I will not leave it so long to go back – gluten free and totally gorgeous.

I should finally point out that the place is packed full of candles and is beautifully lit for dining, but made my amateur photography a bit of a struggle – for which I apologise!


10 Lady Lawson St, Edinburgh EH3 9DS
0131 221 1222
Please mention Gluten Free Edinburgh when booking.