Eating good quality gluten free food, mainly in Edinburgh


Smith & Gertrude

My quest for the best cheese and wine bar for gluten free in Edinburgh continues.  This week saw us trying out the brilliant Smith & Gertrude in Stockbridge.  Having often passed it and wondered what life was like inside, it was good to get the chance to test it out.

First off, the wine was excellent and great value.  We enjoyed a bottle of zingy Austrian wine – unexpected, but very tasty.  The staff at Smith & Gertrude can create your sharing platter according to taste and always to match the wine you are drinking.  Our excellent server brought a host of really fantastic cheeses, charcuterie, cornichons and accompaniments that was really surprising and delightful.  A little bowl of gluten free oatcakes went beautifully with some delicious butter too.

Our cheeses included a great Morbier and some gentle blue cheeses which worked well with the zesty wine.  The little dishes of cherry jam, quince, chutney and honey also brought out the cheese flavour and cut through the blueness, which can be cloying, but wasn’t.  It was a voyage of discovery which we totally enjoyed on a midweek evening.

As coeliacs, we all know the dangers of any wooden board, so I had checked in advance and was assured that the bread was kept and served separate from the boards on which cheese and meat are served, so I was sure there was no contamination.  And as my thoughtful gluten eating friend was on a low carb day, there wasn’t even any bread on our table!  So this was a safe and just brilliant meal.

Smith & Gertrude was really buzzing by the time we left and it has a good, buzzy vibe.  They also have live music sessions which helps boost the atmosphere too.  The centre of the room focuses on a large table, where you sit beside others (but don’t need to speak to them!) and the seating is relaxed and informal, there is even a sofa-filled alcove.  The staff are hardworking, friendly and really knowledgeable about the food and drink and our overall experience was really positive.

Seeking out great wine bars for coeliac friendly sharing platters is going well and S&G is another addition to my list of safe places to enjoy excellent wine, company and food.  While slightly out of the way in Stockbridge, if you are staying in or near the New Town, or looking for somewhere you can park nearby, this is a good option.


Smith & Gertrude
26 Hamilton Pl, Edinburgh EH3 5AU
0131 629 6280
Please mention Gluten Free Edinburgh when booking.