Eating good quality gluten free food, mainly in Edinburgh



There are several good places in Edinburgh for gluten free pizza and Origano on Leith Walk is certainly one of the best.  We have just had a very good Sunday night family meal out and I have enjoyed a pizza every bit as good as the rest.gluten free pizza edinburgh origano

The decor at Origano is good too – it has a lovely cosy feel, with nicely coloured cushions, wooden tables and exposed brickwork.  It was buzzing on a Sunday night with lots of families. The menus are extensive too, with good choices of Italian wine and a range of pizzas in different sizes.  There are also salads and pasta for the non-pizza eaters, but faced with the choices and having been told this is the best gluten free pizza in Edinburgh, how could I resist?

As my family tucked into the gluten-loaded garlic bread, I opted for a few olives.  However, the range of GF starters is pretty good and I could have had plenty of the options on the antipasti board.  The Pinot Grigio was good too – really crisp and cold.

My 14″ very crispy pizza came on a board with a cutter – which you definitely need.  Like other GF pizzas, it is a little on the  tough side and you cannot really cut it with a knife and fork, so the cutter and fingers are the best method.  But the taste was fantastic – so no complaints here.  I had a Napoli, with anchovies, olives, basil and capers – a really good classic pizza combo – and it was delicious.  That tomato-eey cheesy topping with little salty kicks is such a good pizza flavour.origano gluten free pizza

The crispiness was good and the thinness of the pizza gave it crunch, plus meant it was not too filling – though I did feel pretty full by the end!

In terms of taste, this was the best gluten free pizza I have had and will definitely be back.  I really am finding more options for gluten free pizza all the time and you can see my previous round-up here.  Things are definitely looking up for the GF eater if they can come here and get pretty much a “normal” pizza which is as good as this.

gluten free pizza menu


236 Leith Walk, Edinburgh EH6 8PD
0131 554 6539
Please mention Gluten Free Edinburgh when booking.