Eating good quality gluten free food, mainly in Edinburgh


nkd pizza

Having struggled with other delivery pizzas in Edinburgh where contamination is not guaranteed, what a find is nkd pizza!  This pizza takeaway / delivery does full-on gluten free pizza with no contamination!

Even more exciting is that the gluten free pizza is crisp, delicious and is made with care using the best ingredients.  Nkd has a focus on good quality food, with the gluten version being packed full of grains.  The GF pizza comes thin and super crisp with crusts ideal for dipping .  Delivery brought it with the GF well marked on the box, so I knew which was mine.

My gluten free pizza was the Mediterranean: homemade tomato sauce, mozarella, artichokes, mixed peppers, cherry tomatoes, kalamata olives, pesto.  A wonderful bright and colourful combination which was packed full of flavour – I highly recommend it.

The people at nkd had already told me that, unlike others, the gluten free pizza is prepared and cooked separately from the “normal” ones, ensuring no contamination.  And I can confirm that it was contamination free!

The choices are fantastic at nkd including lots of sides and desserts.  There are offers available and my gluten eating student was immediately impressed by the prices, saying it is better value than many of the mainstream pizza delivery firms.  The website works well, the delivery was quick and efficient and I was thoroughly pleased with my Saturday night treat!

So, give it a go and enjoy a truly tasty GF pizza alongside the rest of the family.



nkd pizza Morningside
6-8 Morningside Drive, Edinburgh EH10 5LY
0131 357 1653
Please mention Gluten Free Edinburgh when booking.