Eating good quality gluten free food, mainly in Edinburgh


Mia Morningside

Mia Restaurant in Morningside is just a brilliant place for eating gluten free!  Who needs a separate menu when so much of the food is gluten free?  mia morningside gluten free 4

An evening out with some friends gave us the chance to try out this extensive GF menu – nicely encased in some retro vinyl album sleeves.  And we were not disappointed. While on the day we went we could not have gluten free pizza (though some days you can), it did not diminish the options and I was genuinely spoilt for choice.

A starter of punchy bresaola and parmesan with rocket was followed by a huge bowl of gluten free pasta with shellfish.  This was packed full of mussels, clams and two enormous languoustines and was also full on flavour – a delicious dish.  I could have had most of the starters, most the maincourses and all of the pasta dishes come as a gluten free option.  This is why I love the Italians – they just get the GF dining thing don’t they?

mia morningside gluten free 2My friends’ starters were also gorgeous, with parma ham and mozzerella; avocado, tomato and mozzerella; and mussels.  Seriously, the choice is extensive, and the service was wonderful too!  Friendly, busy, full of humour – I have found a new Friday night favourite.

The pudding choice is not quite so extensive but, by the time you’ve had a pretty generous starter and an enormous bowl of pasta and shellfish, plus some of the really zingy and interesting house wine, you will not want one.

There is another restaurant in Dalry, which I should hope is as brilliant as this one.  And I should highly recommend it as a good gluten free dining option.


Mia Morningside
394 Morningside Rd, Edinburgh EH10 5HX
0131 629 1019
Please mention Gluten Free Edinburgh when booking.