Eating good quality gluten free food, mainly in Edinburgh


Harvey Nichols Forth Floor

Harvey Nichols Forth Floor Restaurant offers some really fine dining with some reallly excellent views.  The pun in the name is intended and set above Edinburgh’s glitziest shop, this is a light and airy experience.

There are two restaurants up here: the Forth Floor Restaurant which offers fine dining; and the Brasserie which is of the same quality, but a little more relaxed and with a bit more buzz.  My gluten-eating daughter would define it by the fact that in the restaurant they put your napkin on your knee, but in the brasserie you do it yourself!

As well as the two restaurants, this floor of the store also has a bar (with more amazing views across the Forth!), a Yo Sushi conveyorbelt bar and a chocolate and champagne bar.  There is also the Food Hall, packed with gorgeous (though expensive) treats.  This is definitely a place for indulgence.

To the food:
We had a family birthday lunch in the Forth Floor Restaurant, sitting in a terrific round table in the corner of the floor-to-ceiling windows.  As you might expect with this level of dining, there are plenty of gluten free choices and the chef can make adaptions if there is something someone particularly wants.

The food is completely delicious and of the highest standard, with superb service and a really good wine list.  The table gleams with white cloths, glass and the light from the windows and this is a great spot for a special lunch – a particular highlight for me was the tiny warming bowl of squash soup brought ahead of our meal.  To start I enjoyed red mullet with salsify and sea buckthorn jelly which was zingy and delicious with lots of little bits of flavour and beautiful colours.  The chicken ballotine was the other popular choice, which looked like a tiny Christmas dinner.

For main courses, we mainly chose some very moist and tasty pork cheek in a clever little stack, served with carrot and coriander risotto.  Although I lost out on the little bundle of black pudding that went with this meal, it was really very good.  There was a salty jus, the meat fell from its stack with tenderness and the risotto was saffrony and gloopy (in a good way).  Puddings looked exceptional and there was a good choice for gluten free.  We had a special, birthday plate of chocolate fudge brought to us, which was (hooray!) gluten free, dredged in cocoa, smoky and utterly gorgeous.

Harvey Nichols Forth Floor is one of Edinburgh’s statement restaurants and is worth seeking out for a special meal that probably has some of the best views of the city.  My only gripe?  They brought me GF bread which should bring with it top marks; but sadly, it was slightly toasted Burgen GF.  This is good bread, but surely a restaurant could have a supply of little rolls that can be warmed as needed?

This was a shame, but it did not spoil my lunch, which was excellent throughout.  Definitely worth a visit!


Harvey Nichols Forth Floor
Harvey Nichols, St Andrew Square, Edinburgh EH2 2AD
0131 524 8350
Please mention Gluten Free Edinburgh when booking.