Eating good quality gluten free food, mainly in Edinburgh


Gluten Free Pizza

Are you looking for the best gluten free pizza in Edinburgh?  As a city with plenty of good quality Italian restaurants, you do not have to look far to find a GF pizza with a tasty topping.  Whether it is a Sunday night family meal out or a quick hit pizza delivery, there are plenty of options in Edinburgh to eat pizza and eat it well.

We have a long history of Scots Italians and they are some of the most dynamic and creative people, particularly when it comes to food!  So you can enjoy wonderful Italian pizzas!   Some of my followers have pointed out that the levels of potential contamination in some of these options is possibly risky.  The two which come out tops for no contamination are Mamma’s. Origano and Pizza Express.  However, as with all restaurants, you should make your server understand if you are coeliac, because of contamination issues.

Here is a scoop up of some of the best gluten free pizza in Edinburgh:

La Favorita

350 Morningside Road – 0131 447 4000
325-331 Leith Walk – 0131 555 5564

La Favorita is part of the Vittoria family: a range of restaurants around the city including family-focused classics and the highly recommended Divino Enoteca.  La Favorita is the pizzeria element and there is one restaurant on Leith Walk and a delivery option in Morningside.  In my view these are the best delivered gluten free pizzas in town.  They also do GF pasta and some desserts.

I have heard some reports of contamination from La Favorita, so it is not recommended for coeliacs


28-30 Grassmarket
0131 225 6464

Mamma’s is a bit of an Edinburgh institution: well packed tables, well priced and speedy service. Italians seem to do gluten free well and Mamma’s is no exception.  This is a nice restaurant with Italian style take-it-or-leave-it service, but usually with a smile.  A good spot for a relaxed meal when in town.

Pizza Express

Restaurants all over town, see website for details

Pizza Express needs little or no introduction: a good, well thought out chain offering quality food, friendly and efficient service and an ever-changing vibrant menu.  Look on the website pizza express gluten free pizzaand you will see that Pizza Express has a full (and extensive!) GF menu.  The pizza is good and almost as good as the non GF one.  This chain gets it right on menus, atmosphere and service – and of course, gluten free dining!  You can also buy a home-cook GF Pizza Express pizza from supermarkets – it is very good!

Victor and Carina Contini Restorante

103 George Street – 0131 225 1550

Formerly known as Centotre, this Edinburgh lovely is a superb restaurant offering the best in Italian cooking and style.  Rebranded to fit within the expanding Contini empire, it is no less impressive and continues to charm with the choices and quality of food offered.  GF options are really clearly marked and the pizza is, naturally, extremely good.  I choose Contini again and again, whether for a meeting over coffee, a Christmas dinner or a business lunch.

Contini also runs the lovely Scottish Café within the National Galleries and the new Cannonball Café on Castlehill – each of these also has gluten free options, though not necessarily pizza!  They are all worth visiting though completely rammed during the festivals.


236 Leith Walk – 0131 554 6539

With a really crispy base and a range of fantastic tasty toppings – this is as good as gluten free pizza can get!  Origano has some great service and decor, so is a good spot for quality italian, with plenty of gluten free options.  The pizza I had here was one of the tastiest yet and while I still enjoy a family outing to Pizza Express, this is top for taste.

Other good gluten free pizza can be found at places such as Zizzi’s, Gusto and Giuliano’s