Eating good quality gluten free food, mainly in Edinburgh


Berties’s Fish & Chips

Finding proper gluten free fish & chips in Edinburgh is becoming easier.  A few years ago, you had to look far and wide to find somewhere which could guarantee no contamination, but new places are coming on-stream all the time.  Check out my post on gluten free fish & chips here.

We recently tried Bertie’s Fish & Chips on Victoria Street in the Old Town.  Run by the team from the excellent Vittorias, this relatively new restaurant is unashamedly turning out just big plates of the old favourite.   More importantly, they have a specific gluten free option.

The menu has quite a few GF comments and there are also vegetarian and vegan options too, all clearly labelled.  The GF fryer uses vegetable oil rather than the beef dripping used for all other frying, which is a shame, but you just have to go along with it if you want those GF fish & chips.

Choosing the standard battered haddock with chips and a side order of coleslaw was a good choice.  Dining with a gluten eating friend who went for the “normal” option, the difference was fairly clear: her beautifully puffed up batter did make my slightly flat fish look a little sad, but the flavour is the thing.

The chips are good restaurant chips and there are plenty of them.  There are sachets of mayonnaise (a chip essential) and you can have other sauces too.  The fish was pretty good.  While the batter was not as puffy as the fish & chips I enjoyed at the excellent Safari Lounge recently, the flavour was good and the batter was nice.  This is a good option for city centre fish & chips.

I noticed one pudding choice was a deep fried Mars or Snickers bar, which is a terrific idea.  I was recently asked where someone could try a GF deep fried chocolate bar, which I suppose you could ask for if you brought along a GF option (Bounty? Fry’s Chocolate Cream).  I didn’t ask them, but maybe they could include a GF option as it is such a fun, quirky thing to have!

Bertie’s is a big restaurant and has a fun, nautical vibe with cheery décor and really friendly staff.  Service is brisk and efficient and the price is good too.

While enjoying my dinner with a glass of wine, I did hear a champagne cork pop – now that’s a great idea for next time!


Bertie’s Fish & Chips
9 Victoria St, Edinburgh EH1 2HE
0131 322 1000
Please mention Gluten Free Edinburgh when booking.