Eating good quality gluten free food, mainly in Edinburgh


No 1 The Grange

First off, No 1 The Grange is a great gluten free destination because they have GF beer on tap: from our local Bellfield Brewery.

Secondly, the food is good and the atmosphere is low-key, friendly and comfortable (of course, this might change on a Saturday night when the rugby is on!).  The menus have a pretty good GF choice.  The midweek night we were there, there were two starters which suited, but we were heading straight for mains.

I chose the special for that evening, which was salt and pepper coley  with pea cream, celeriac fondant, peashoots and carrots.  And you can see why this makes such a good photograph!  The vibrant colours just leapt off the plate.  However, the flavours were also good and went well with a side order of buttered potatoes and savoy cabbage, with a lovely mix of creaminess and piquancy.  The potatoes were good for clearing up the delicious pea cream at the end too.

Sadly, I was told the chips are not GF as are cooked in the same fryer as other things.  I have since heard from the pub who say that they DO have a separate fryer – so make sure you ask!  However, even so, there is enough choice without the fried items to create a great meal out – there’s a good choice of tasty and interesting starters and they do have GF bread.

Puddings were popular with my gluten loading diners.  The GF choices were a good sounding rice pudding and some seriously quirky flavoured ice creams, some of which were also vegan.

While the choices aren’t extensive, if you are after a top whack pub meal in lovely surroundings with a pint of beer by your side, then No 1 The Grange is a good choice.


No 1 The Grange
1 Grange Rd, Edinburgh EH9 1UH
0131 667 2335
Please mention Gluten Free Edinburgh when booking.