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Fishers in the City

Fishers is a bit of an Edinburgh institution and to be honest, one I have ignored for a few years, though it used to be a favourite.  So I was really glad to rediscover its superb seafood this week.

While there are a few non-fish options, there are not many.  So it is a good idea to love fish if you go here – and it really is a love affair with fish – so make sure you do. Core menu items are fishcakes, seafood platters, oysters and a very good fish soup.  Added to that, with daily specials and a great choice on the a la carte, it makes a very good place to have a light weekday lunch, or a big weekend tuck-in.


gf edinburgh fishers in the cityThe menu is very much gluten free.  While clearly you cannot have fishcakes or fish in batter, there seemed to be very little else that would catch me out (excuse the pun).  I had a really delicious plate of hand dived Orkney scallops which were drenched in the most delicious lime and coriander butter and accompanied by a nifty shrimp salad in a bowl.  It was tasty, light, the scallops were tender and, most importantly, large.  My companion enjoyed the pan fried cod with cumin butternut squash and a potato and mussel veloute, which he declared excellent.  Apart from the piles of lovely crunchy french bread with which he soaked up the sauce, it was also a gluten free meal.

And this is my only tiny gripe….  To be so brilliant with gluten free dining and to offer the finest in seafood, often covered in tasty sauces or floating in delicious soups, where was the gluten free bread?  Although it was probably way better for my calorie consumption, it seemed such a shame that my coriander and lime butter was left lying in the scallop shells in the absence of absorption…  It is so easy to have little rolls of gf bread in the freezer and it does make the diner feel so special when those rolls appear.

Other than that, my love of Fishers in the City has been totally rekindled.  The quality is good and the service very clear on allergies, plus it’s professional and friendly.  I will certainly be back (with a roll of bread in my handbag!).

There are two other restaurants in Leith – so you need never miss out on fishy delights.gluten free edinburgh 9



Fishers in the City
58 Thistle Street, Edinburgh, EH2 1EN
0131 225 5109
Please mention Gluten Free Edinburgh when booking.