Eating good quality gluten free food, mainly in Edinburgh



Opened at the beginning of the year above the Traverse Theatre on Lothian Road, Dine is worth seeking out for quality food, whether you are a gluten free eater or just love your food.

We enjoyed the Sunday set lunch, which is excellent value for money at only £17.50 for three courses and a bottle of wine.  And what courses they are!  There was a good choice, most of which could be brought gluten free, and I was not disappointed.gluten-free-edinburgh-dine-3

A starter of smoked mackerel with bitter leaves and a lentil salsa, had a bit of zing to it and the mackerel was not overpowering, which it sometimes can be.  The lentils gave it some bite too.  Others had a great looking lentil soup (which could be served with gluten free bread) and goats’ cheese bruschetta (also available GF).  There is a real focus on colour and style here and the colours leap off the plate.

Mains were easy to choose as the Sunday roast option was some really tender and tasty lamb with roasted vegetables, potatoes and rosemary jus.  It came in a lovely pile of colour and texture and while possibly cooler than it might be, was extremely good – almost a desert island meal!  The pasta dish my husband chose was good and could also have been done with gluten free pasta.  A trout dish with crushed potatoes also looked tasty, though it disappeared so quickly into a hungry teenager that there was no chance to test it.

Puddings, as always, are a bit more gluten-loaded, but I was offered the crumble without the crumble, cheese with GF bread, or the gobsmackingly delicious ice cream.  An easy choice.

All in all, a first taste of Stuart Muir’s restaurant tells me the cooking is excellent, the choices are delicious and the options for excellent quality gluten free dining are extensive.  I loved it.gluten-free-edinburgh-dine-2

Clearly designed to appeal to the financial services sector close by though, the decor is very masculine and blokey, with big chairs, leather sofas and plenty of dark brown walls.  As a smaller person, I found that either the chair was a bit low, or the table a bit high, as I felt like a child sitting at the big table – I could have done with a booster seat!  But if the clientele, at least during the week, is going to be largely masculine, I guess they will reach ok … and it certainly did not stop me clearing my beautifully laid out and delicious plate.


Dine with Stuart Muir
Saltire Court (1st Floor) Edinburgh, 10 Cambridge Street, Edinburgh EH1 2ED
0131 218 18 18
Please mention Gluten Free Edinburgh when booking.