Eating good quality gluten free food, mainly in Edinburgh


Belted Burgers

Excitement all round: I have just found the best gluten free burger in Edinburgh, or even Scotland!  Belted Burgers on Frederick Street was a revelation and undoubtedly the nicest and most delicious and normal burger and chips I have eaten in years.

The food is local, seasonal and responsibly sourced.  The service is friendly and knowledgeable.  The burgers, buns and chips are almost entirely gluten free!

Visiting Belted Burgers with a gluten-eating friend, I had pre-warned them of my dietary issues, but I actually didn’t need to.  The menu is well marked and the serving staff are entirely geared up to deal with allergies.  There were only a few items on the menu which I could not have and only two of the burgers were off limits because they were battered.  With chips automatically GF and marked on the menu as such and a gluten free bun available, the experience could not get much better, until our server announced he was also coeliac.  We then knew this was the right place to be eating our pre-festival treat.

The burgers themselves come piled with good things including lettuce, cucumber and onion, a “secret sauce” (and yes, it is fine to have), a pretty good GF bun and some really good homemade chips.  The beef is succulent and beautifully cooked and the burger overall was simply delicious with no compromise.  I had a cheeseburger with Scottish cheese and some extra avocado.  My gluten-eating friend had an enormous portion of battered chicken in sourdough – but I never felt I was left out as I enjoyed a great all round meal. With a small cheery wine list and some nachos to start, you are well placed for some good quality relatively fast food and a good all round experience. There is a 50p supplement for a GF bun, but this is a small price to pay and as we all know the bread production process is more expensive than “normal” bread, it seems fair enough to me.

You will find Belted Burgers on the northern half of Frederick Street.  As it’s in the basement you could miss it, unless you look out for the large cow waiting patiently for you outside.  The decor is utilitarian fun and there is a good bar and some enjoyable, cheery music.

I have only one question about Belted Burgers – why was it so quiet?  With quality and choice like this, the place should be mobbed.



Belted Burgers
57A Frederick St, Edinburgh EH2 1LH
0131 260 9748
Please mention Gluten Free Edinburgh when booking.