Eating good quality gluten free food, mainly in Edinburgh



Baba is a Levantine restaurant on Gorge Street, Edinburgh and the good news is that it is great for gluten free!

The coeliac awareness is great and my server swiftly marked the things on the menu that were ok (which was almost everything – see pic of menu) and then she brought me an allergy sheet as well.  Shegluten free edinburgh, best gluten free restaurant edinburgh also explained (they like explaining here) that there is a separate part of the kitchen and the breads are kept separate and the kitchen is careful.  So I was well set up for a good evening.

The food is for sharing, which we all know can set the panic right in.  However, they serve delicious gluten free bread – which was actually more like a flatbread, but still good – in a very handy paper bag.  My gluten eating friend kindly opted for GF too, just to make the whole sharing experience work. And it did – helped along by the staff, who are very good at explaining.

We ordered a mix of seriously tasty dishes, all beautifully coloured and flavoured: beetroot hummus with whipped feta and venison carpaccio with hazelnut tahini started us off, plus the flatbreads.  They were really delicious, zingy and the venison was really tender – I could have eaten a large plate it was so good.

The plates come as they are ready, so these were swiftly followed on with some of the grilled delights: iberico pork neck with olive yoghurt and kohlrabi; date barbecued chicken leg with merguez sausages and sweetcorn; and cauliflower shawarma.  Each of these dishes was amazing.  There were no GF tweaks needed and the food just leapt off the plate onto my tastebuds!  The chicken was gently falling from the bone, yet still succulent, the pork neck was spicy and tender and again, I could have eaten so much more.  The cauliflower is in large chunks of gentle spiced ras al hanout with mint and pomegranate – a fantastic combination. We were well filled with these dishes and definitely chose well.

We followed with a Baba mint tea which came with two stuffed dates.  I was nervous about these and checked what they were stuffed with, but they were almost the highlight of the meal!  Filled with a caramel and sprinkled with nuts, gosh they were good.

Baba was busy for a Tuesday night so you may want to book ahead, but it is worth it as the flavour of this food is phenomenal and the mix of dishes, the joy of being able to share panic-free and the choice of GF all made for a brilliant evening.  Great value and great for coeliacs = happy diner.


130 George St, Edinburgh EH2 4JZ
0131 527 4999
Please mention Gluten Free Edinburgh when booking.