Eating good quality gluten free food, mainly in Edinburgh


Loch Fyne Seafood and Grill

Visiting Loch Fyne Seafood and Grill is like making a quick trip to the seaside. Sitting on the side of a picturesque harbour with views down the Forth to mountains, the location is truly stunning.

Having just returned from Portugal where we ate seafood every day, we were somehow still in the mood for more…

First off, I have to commend Loch Fyne on its interiors, the big picture windows, the view of the kitchen and the range of food and drink. It really is superb and this has long been a favourite family dinner location. However, this was the first time I had visited as a coeliac, so the stakes (or cod steaks?) were high.

The range of gluten free food on offer is pretty good, as all that lovely seafood is naturally gluten free. However, rather than embracing this and showing on the menu how good the range is, there has been some bizarre labeling which only serves to confuse, rather than enlighten.


All fish is marked as containing gluten because you can choose to have it with a sauce that has gluten in it, as one of the options. This also happens if you choose anything that can come with bread. So pretty much everything on the menu is marked as containing gluten (and a whole lot of other things!). Fortunately our waitress was sufficiently knowledgeable (and I could work it out pretty easily) that actually the gluten free menu was unnecessary. Someone needs to go through it all and start again!

And this is a shame as the food is wonderful. I had gorgeously presented and flavoured smoked salmons to start, served with good gluten free oatcakes. The little bell jar that surrounds the bradan rost in smoke, was a cute gesture, as were the tiny cubes of salty and quirky seafood jelly.

The main course was terrific too. I chose the seafood risotto, which had a lovely bite and contained plump and delicious mussels. A very good gluten free choice. My fellow diners enjoyed pork belly with langoustines (which looked like it was GF) and a smoked haddock risotto with a fish kebab. All a delight.


Apart from the mad menu, my only other disappointment was that the chips, as in so many places, were not able to be declared gluten free. How hard can this be?!

We had no room for puddings, which was good as the only gluten free options were sorbet and ice cream. We had a very nice glass of prosecco each to start and some zingy Sauvignon Blanc.

We will be back. But I shall not bother asking for the menu….

See my later review – the menu has improved!



Loch Fyne Seafood and Grill
25 Pier Place, Newhaven Harbour, EH6 4LP
0131 559 3900
Please mention Gluten Free Edinburgh when booking.