Eating good quality gluten free food, mainly in Edinburgh


No G Pies

These pies looked good in Sainsburys, so I bought one for my teenage gluten eating son to test for me. I am not really a pie eater, so am not missing them now I am a coeliac. However I thought the best test of these pies might come from a guy who eats steak pies like this several times a week! You might even call him a pie eating expert, given the number he eats…

tgp2The crust of the pie is fun as it has No-G written into the pastry itself. The pastry looked heavy, but was actually very light and almost crumbly. The meat was of a good quality and the gravy good too. The teenage verdict was the the pie was great, but a bit small!

I tried a mouthful and thought it was tasty and well produced. So give them a go and you won’t regret it They also do quiches and vegetarian pies and I have tried the quiche, which is also delicious.