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The Best Gluten Free Pizza?

La Favorita Review

Finding good gluten free pizza is essential.  In Edinburgh it is relatively straightforward given we are home to some of the finest Scottish-Italian food dynasties.

Having tried a very unsatisfactory, chewy and grey pizza at Pizza Express, my journey into gluten free pizza land has been relatively slow.  However, knowing the superb reputation of the La Favorita company and having had some of the finest pizza ever delivered to my doorstep in the past, I felt sure it was going to be good.

Easy to book online for delivery or collection from the Morningside branch, the La Favorita website has high resolution photography for each pizza and offers clarity around delivery times. I cannot recommend it highly enough and have to say, it is simply streets ahead of the well known chains.

I ordered the gluten free Tricolore this weekend. When ordering online, the drop down box offers the 10” and the 14” options in either “normal” or gluten free – so it is easy and clear to order.  And, hip hip hooray, you are not made to feel odd or difficult!

The pizza itself was terrific.  Lovely luscious toppings, full of flavour and plentifully piled onto the base. The base itself was not quite as light and thin as the wheat laden ones, but if I had not been told, I should not have known it was different (unlike the Pizza Express cardboard!).  There is a slightly thicker base, but we are talking millimetres thicker, and there was no residual grittiness or chewiness that sometimes comes with gluten free.

I could not finish the whole pizza and handed a good portion to my wheat-eating husband, who claimed it was delicious and as good as his.

This all in all made me a very happy gluten free pizza eater and I cannot recommend La Favorita enough!