Eating good quality gluten free food, mainly in Edinburgh



Gluten free healthy breakfasts are often a problem for coeliacs or the the gluten intolerant, as so many breakfast products are based on wheat.  Finding a high fibre start to the day is not always easy either, as so many products are made with refined flours.  So Nutribix are a good option and are very much like a Weetabix alternative.

Made from Sorghum, with a little golden syrup, they are high in fibre and low in sugar.  I tried mine with milk and blueberries and they were tasty and I reckon would be good with some extra granola, yoghurt and honey.

They are also versatile as you can have them with milk or use them in smoothies and I think they would probably also work well in some baking – I shall have to try.

These little wonders come in extremely bright pink boxes, so you are not going to miss them on the Tesco and Sainsbury supermarket shelves!  They have a lovely, slightly quirky style to the packaging too, which I think could work well if you have younger coeliacs in the family.  My teenage gluten-eating tester has already enjoyed them, albeit with a side order of Coco Pops.

As so many gluten free breakfast cereals are sugary, these really are a good, healthy option.
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