Eating good quality gluten free food, mainly in Edinburgh


No.G Open Top Vegetable Pie

Some of the Too Good to be Gluten Free, No.G products are available in my local Sainsbury’s and are a good option for when my family is having quiche or pies (which is fairly often). I have, therefore, been trying them out to see how they stack up against wheat ones. These little vegetable pies are extremely good and have a strong, robust flavour. They are also really colourful and look good on the plate, which is an added bonus. There is a noticeable and very nice tang of Sage that runs through the pie and it works well with the butternut of the pie.

vegpie2The verdict from my wheat eating family is that they are tasty enough to buy as a pie option, even without the need for gluten free. My teenage son still thinks these pies are small, but that suits my slightly older and thereby smaller, appetite well. The pies heat through well and the pastry is good quality – definitely not possible to tell the difference.

We also tested the vegetable quiche, which had good chunks of broccoli and a creamy filling. These also taste good, but we liked the open pie more, because of its mix of superb flavours. I particularly like the open top vegetable pie of the products I have tested so far and think it is a good thing to have in the freezer, just in case – all No.G products freeze well.. I would also serve these to non-GF eaters as part of a summer picnic (if we ever get any summer).

vegpie3These pies are available at Asda, Sainsbury’s and Ocado. However, my pretty large local Sainsbury’s has quite a small selection of the savoury pies. Hopefully, one day I shall source the sweet treats, including the treacle tart – something on which my family claims expertise ….