Eating good quality gluten free food, mainly in Edinburgh


Nairn’s Wholegrain Crackers

Nairn’s gluten free oatcakes are a popular staple in the GF community.  They frequently pop up in restaurants as the GF alternative and they are useful to carry around with you, just in case.

Nairn’s also make some wholewheat crackers, which are a good alternative to the oatcakes, largely because they are almost half the calories.  An oatcake is 44, whereas the crackers are only 27.

New on the market are two additions to the wholewheat cracker range: cracked black pepper and super seeded.  The super seeded ones contain flaxseed, millet and chia seeds.  These are both a vast improvement on the existing cracker as they introduce flavour and a bit of crunch.  I particularly like the cracked black pepper version as it brings a little bit of spice and goes really well with cheese.

I bought mine in Sainsburys and I am sure they will soon be appearing in all the main supermarkets which stock Nairn’s great products. What a lot of good products Nairn’s produces – and these are definitely worth a try.