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M&S croissants

Marks & Spencer has launched new gluten free breakfast products including croissants and chocolate twists.  This is pretty thrilling news as no one else is making croissants at the moment.

My gluten-eating family and I tested the chocolate twists and croissants.  While I know that the longer we eat gluten free food, the more we forget what the real items tasted like, but even after three years I still haven’t forgotten the flaky-ness of a delicious, butter-filled croissant – sadly.  These croissants are nice, but they are quite heavy and not quite what I am looking for.  But all credit to M&S for producing something which is a not bad second choice!

However, the chocolate twists were a revelation!  Flaky and light, with creme patissiere, chocolate chips and pretty much, as my gluten-eating family concluded, just like a “normal” one.  If the pastry used for these was used for the croissant, we would almost be there….

Give them a go.  I should certainly buy the chocolate twists for a breakfast treat and am in awe of the range of gluten free food on offer at M&S now.