Eating good quality gluten free food, mainly in Edinburgh


McCains GF Oven Chips

McCain has recently launched a gluten free version of its popular oven chips.  As with all oven chips, these are a great option for a quick supper and can be found in the frozen food section.

We tried them with M&S gluten free fishcakes, which was a good combination for crunch and taste.

While some McCain products do not contain gluten ingredients, we all know contamination can be an issue, so a fully fledged GF version is very welcome.  These have all the McCain flavour, they are chunky and were a good option for a midweek meal.  As I once lived in Brussels, I am a convert to mayonnaise on chips and these were well suited to my choice.

My teenage gluten-eating McCains fan declared them the same as “normal” ones and happily finished them off.  At £2.50 in Tesco for a large bag they seem pretty good value and while I am not really a homecook chip eater, I would happily have these again.

This is a particularly good step forward for those parents with coeliac and gluten intolerant youngsters as it allows them to eat the same as their friends and to enjoy chips at home.

So all to the positive and look out for oven chips coming your way!mccain-gluten-free-oven-chips