Eating good quality gluten free food, mainly in Edinburgh


Great gluten free products

After diagnosis, it is really confusing to work your way around all the gluten free products on sale. My experience is that some are better than others and that many of them are best avoided if you want to eat a good quality, healthy diet. So many gluten free substitutes rely on high GI foods and hugely refined flours. In recent months I have given a few top tips on products and discoveries to help the new coeliac get to grips with the range of products out there. So far, my favourites have been:

Prewetts Gluten Free Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies

Waitrose Gluten Free Hot Cross Buns
These were seriously fabulous!

Marks & Spencers Gluten Free Ciabatta
This is a very good bread substitute. It would be good for making bruschetta or canapes, plus is remarkably like normal ciabatta. You heat it through before use and is brilliant for the freezer.

Wild Thing Paleo Bars
The review for these identified that they might be good for on the go snacks, though if I am honest, they are not quite my thing.
No-G gluten free pies “too good to be gluten free”
As tested by my pie expert teenage son! These are GOOD!