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Gluten Free Yorkshire Pudding Recipe

The best gluten free yorkshire pudding recipe is possibly the holy grail of gluten free eating.  Looking online reveals many different methods and theories of how to make them rise and how to get the best ‘normal’ style gluten free yorkshire.

If I am honest, since my diagnosis a couple of years ago, I have fought shy of trying gluten free yorkshires – I had only just perfected the gluten-loaded variety.  But, as with many things, you can’t beat experience.  So I was pleased to find a simple recipe on the Coeliac UK website from someone called Pam.  And here it is – simple, but it works, so she must be really experienced!

Remember the key to good yorkshires is always a hot oven and hot fat/oil (use one that reaches a high temp) and follow these instructions exactly.

oil for cooking (I use butter with a tiny blog of sunflower oil, but you can use lard or even Trex, if you dare!)
50g cornflour
50g plain GF flour (I used Doves)
3 eggs
140 ml milk

Put oil into the bottom of a 12 hole muffin tin and put into a hot oven – 220C is good.

Whisk the ingredients together well with a balloon whisk, while the fat is hotting up. Once it is really hot, take out of the oven and pour the mixture into each hole.  Bake for 25 minutes and if you can do it, do not open the door while they are cooking.  gluten-free-yorkshire-pudding-recipe