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Too Good to be …

It’s British Pie Week (6-12 March 2017), so it’s a good excuse to try out some gluten free pies.

too good to be gluten free 3One of the best piemakers I have spotted on the Free From shelves have been those produced by Too Good to Be .. Gluten Free.  These pies are seriously flavoursome and have innovative flavours.  I have previously reviewed a quiche and an open top vegetable pie (which was delicious!).

In honour of British Pie Week, I enlisted a couple of familial gluten eaters and we did a pie taste test.  We tried: Cauliflower, Kale & Stilton Open Top Pie; Pork Pie; Slow Cooked Steak & Ale Pie; and Red Thai Chicken Pie.

We do not need to describe them all, other than to say they are all excellent!  The Thai Chicken pie is spicy and has a good nip to it, without being strongly flavoured, and the steak pie has thick gravy and generous chunks of meat.  The Cauliflower, Kale & Stilton one was not my favourite, but the boystoo good to be gluten free 2 liked it and a teenage suggestion was that it would go well with beans!  (doesn’t everything?)

If you were having a lunch and others were eating “normal” pies, you could buy one of these for the gluten free eater.  However, my gluten gluttons stated these pies to be no different and one of them said the pasty was better than a “normal” pie, so I’d happily serve them up to everyone.

My frequent favourite is the pork pie which I buy from Sainsburys at Cameron Toll.  It comes in a very cute square box and really is a good, meaty and moist pork pie with chunky pastry.  The open top pies are a good option too, with a salad lunch or for a picnic.

too good to be gluten free 1The Too Good to be … Gluten Free pies are sold in Morrisons (which has a newly expanded Free From range), Sainsburys, Waitrose and the Co op.  Each has a different range and you won’t find all of these in every store, but it is worth seeking them out in the Free From chiller aisle and having a try.  You can also order the full range online direct and they come well packaged and chilled: here

Happy Pie Week!