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Gluten Free Naan Bread

After a period when it was impossible to find gluten free naan bread, finally it seems to be finding its way back onto the market.  Given a delicious homemade chickpea and sweet potato curry this weekend, it was time to run a taste test on the two I have spotted so far.

First up, we tried the new Marks and Spencer Made Without Wheat naan.  Marks and Spencer is a GF hero right now – the shops are packed with great quality meals and products – it’s just fantastic.  The two naan, which are in the fresh aisle with the other MWW products, freeze well and you could easily defrost them individually if you were eating with gluten-lovers.  However in the spirit of Gluten Free Edinburgh, my gluten-loaded family tried the naans with me.

The M&S naan is peppered with little nigella seeds and the breads are evenly shaped and firm.  They have a good flavour, but the bread is a bit dry.  I read that someone had put garlic butter inside them, which might make them a lot more moist, but not necessarily naan-like.  So our verdict was good flavour, thumbs-up M&S again, but just a little bit dry.  Though, once dunked in your favourite chicken tikka massala, these are a great option to have with your takeaway.

We also tried the new garlic and coriander naan from the fabulous Wheat Free Bakery Direct.  These naans were much more naan-like!  They were really tasty and large, slightly relaxed in shape and very moist and spongy: as a naan should be. We preferred these much more and, like the M&S ones, you can buy in advance (online) and freeze, ready for use.  These were so popular with the gluten-loaded family that I suddenly realised they had all gone! Greedy people.

If you have seen other gluten free naan bread on the market, let me know and I will taste test those too and add them here.

Do love a curry, particularly with tasty naan on the side!