Eating good quality gluten free food, mainly in Edinburgh


Gluten Free Hot Cross Buns

An Easter weekend essential is butter melting over a toasted hot cross bun. I have tried a couple of gluten free hot cross buns, just to help you along your way this weekend.

Waitrose Love Life Hot Cross Buns

These buns are large and well aerated. They look like a good traditional packet of buns!

I toast mine in the toaster and then spread with good quality unsalted butter. These HCBs are light and fluffy with really juicy sultanas and a good zing of lemon. There is the inevitable grittiness at the back of the bite, but it is not too noticeable. The spice flavours are good and I am well satisfied with these as a gluten free hot cross bun substitute.

With only one coeliac eater in the house a whole bundle of four might have to go in the freezer, but given their tastiness, that doesn’t seem a problem.


Marks & Spencer Made Without Wheat Hot Cross Buns

With only two in a packet, there will be no wastage with these hot cross buns. They are smaller than the Waitrose ones and much heavier and firmer. The fruit is juicy and the consistency is less like a bread roll and more like a moist scone, which is how some hot cross buns are. The spices come through strongly and there is a good firm bite to the bun as a whole.

Much smaller and much more dense than the Waitrose bun and with a much less obvious cross (I am never too keen on an overly doughy cross!), these are really good substitute. There seems to be no grittiness, but after eating so many gluten free hot cross buns, I am feeling rather full!

On balance, I prefer the Waitrose product for its lightness and lemony zing, but the M&S ones will be more readily available, particularly in the north where there are fewer Waitrose stores.

Happy Easter Hot Cross Bun Eating!