Eating good quality gluten free food, mainly in Edinburgh


GF Hobnobs

And finally!  I get to try gluten free Hobnobs from the Waitrose store in Comely Bank, Edinburgh.  As we all know by now, these are the latest gluten free biscuit to have launched and you can buy plain Hobnobs or chocolate ones.  It is most important that you know these are found in the “normal” biscuit aisle, rather than the gluten free section.  I am also being told, via my Facebook page, that these tasty bics are also being stocked in Tesco around Edinburgh, though they are in the FreeFrom section, not the biscuit aisle.  Handy to know.

They come in a box, so are easy to spot and, as with many GF products, you get a lot fewer to a packet.  Though for health reasons that might be a good thing as they are pretty tasty!

The first thing you notice is that the chocolate is on the bottom rather than the top.  It is also a bit thinner than that lovely bobbly chocolate on a “normal” Hobnob.  Apart from that they pretty much taste the same.  One gluten-eating tester thought they were a bit sweeter, but others were happy with them.  I am just thrilled to have an old favourite back again.

I think it is a milestone that these are in the main biscuit aisle.  I also highly commend Waitrose in Scotland for stocking them first.  I shall certainly be back for more!

They cost £2.19 which, for 8 biscuits, is quite steep, but worth it….