Eating good quality gluten free food, mainly in Edinburgh


Hazelnut chocolate cake

Now this really is a delicious gluten free chocolate cake!  Shades of Nutella, but in a classy version.  This little gluten free delight is moist, tasty and pretty low in sugar (unless you add an icing like I did…).  The recipe is from River Cottage Light & Easy, which is a good cookbook for healthy eating as well as good number of gluten free recipes.

It is also easy to make, so long as you have a food mixer or whisk as it needs a lot of beating to get the air in.  I made it harder for myself too, by making my own ground hazelnuts – not something I would do again given the good quality ready ground ones available.  However, they add moisture and flavour.

I refer you to the River Cottage website for the recipe.  Hugh suggests using chocolate nut butter, but I went for a Nutella-based buttercream icing with some honey-roasted hazelnuts for the top, just to add a slight edge of tasty trash to it.  Given the only sugar in this cake is one tablespoon of honey, I think it can cope well with a more robustly sweet topping.

A delicious afternoon gluten free treat for a Sunday afternoon.

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