Eating good quality gluten free food, mainly in Edinburgh


Gluten Free Haggis

As Burn’s Night approaches, finding gluten free haggis has always been a bit of a trial.  No celebration can work without some haggis and it is good to know that the brilliant people at Simon Howie butchers have this year created a gluten free version, now available in most supermarkets.

In previous years I have bought my GF haggis from Finlays in Portobello and Crombies.  However, now it’s hit the high street, with GF haggis in Tesco, Morrisons, Asda and Sainsburys.  You will find it in the haggis section with the “normal” ones, rather than the free from aisle.

The haggis is, of course, delicious and has that spicy nip that makes it special.  It stood up to gluten-eaters’ scrutiny and went will with the neeps and tatties, as it should.  It good well and was full of flavour and not too fatty – I definitely recommend it.

The supermarkets are all upping their game on gluten free and there are new, expanded ranges coming out all the time.  Sainsburys in particular, is making most of its quality sausages gluten free and now to have haggis so easily available, things really are looking up for the gluten free eater.

As whisky, potato and turnip are all gluten free, the Burns’ Night celebration should be a good one.

Slainte Mahth!