Eating good quality gluten free food, mainly in Edinburgh


Genius gluten free pancakes

The Genius brand has done a great job of making quality gluten free food widely available.  I can well imagine if I had a coeliac child the Genius brand would be a favourite.  Genius has just introduced Scotch style Pancakes to its range, which are a good option for a weekend treaty breakfast, or a nice autumnal afternoon tea by the fire.
In a normal week I would not buy myself pancakes as they are a naughty treat, but my teenagers like them and they are a good option with fruit and creme fraiche for breakfast at the weekend or with friends staying.  And while I might usually make them myself, we do not always have time, do we?  These also freeze well which, as for a lot of solo gluten free eaters, means you can just pull out one or two when you need them.  Perhaps the person who invented sliced bread was a coeliac?

I tried a few permutations with these nice little pancakes:  with a pile of blueberries, raspberries and a dollop of creme fraiche; with butter and maple syrup (this was probably my favourite, it genius gluten free edinburghwas lovely but probably evil!); and with butter and some of my friend Stephanie’s fantastic rhubarb and ginger jam.  These all worked well and also passed the non-gluten-family-taster-test.

Genius had its blip recently, but dealt with it really well and has bounced back with some new products – so let’s keep them on our shopping lists!  They make life very easy for those who are coeliac or gluten intolerant  and as an Edinburgh-based business which has an increasingly worldwide brand, I feel proud.  I am told it was Genius who introduced the gluten free brioche to the French!

I have some of the “improved recipe” bread to try and will report on that too.  It has a higher fibre content, which is great…

Genius food is available in most supermarkets as well as in a range of countries including Australia, France and UAE!