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Genius GF Cookbook

The very clever, Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne, the brains behind the Genius brand of products, has brought out a cookbook.  Given her background as a trained cook, it is no wonder that the resulting book is packed full of good recipes that are well thought through.

There are many naturally gluten free foods, but the challenge for the gluten free cook, is to produce near “normal” food without bypassing old favourites.  Where this book is good is that it offers choices that use alternative products to create classics such as granola, fish goujons and pies.  However, it is also a realistic book in that while it gives recipes (that do work!) for pastries, it also suggests you might use ready-made.

The Genius puff pastry is really good (when you can find it in the shops), but I was really impressed that this book did not give its own brand name for the pastry!  It would have been easy to just brand all references to bread products as Genius, but in avoiding this it has achieved integrity.

I tried recipes over the Christmas holiday: savoury cheese sables with Dijon and rosemary; haddock goujons; and the Breton buckwheat crepes (though we filled ours with sweet fillings). And I can confirm that they were easy to follow and worked well. The cheese sables were brilliant with drinks and I found you could keep the pastry in the fridge and use it another day.  The haddock goujons were also great with a dip as party food.

The Genius Gluten-Free Cookbook comes out on 14 January and is definitely worth adding to your gluten free cookbook library.  I often recommend one for its fool-proof pastry and while I have not yet tried the pastry in this one, I feel confident it will also be good.   I shall let you know when I do!

The Genius Gluten-Free Cookbook
Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne
published by Vermillion at £14.99 (it’s on Amazon)