Eating good quality gluten free food, mainly in Edinburgh


Genius Bagels

After visiting the Coeliac UK gluten free produce fair in Edinburgh yesterday, I came home with some Genius gluten free bagels to try.  I had not had these before, so thought it would be good to give them a go for a relaxed Sunday breakfast.

Since diagnosis I have never managed to find the substitute for the perfect “English” muffin which would both hold and soak up my poached egg.  However, these bagels could well be the thing.

My teenage tester is a bit of a bagel expert.  His view was they are not the real thing – we all know that is pretty much impossible – but he thought he could eat them happily if he had to live a GF life.   They went very well with some good crispy bacon.  They are moist, slightly sweet and chewy on the outside – all things a bagel should be.

As with all Genius products, they are widely available, so easy to find and definitely worth a try.