Eating good quality gluten free food, mainly in Edinburgh


Explore Asian spaghetti

A friend in the US recommended I try edamame spaghetti:  a high fibre, gluten free alternative to pasta.  The best way to source this is online at Holland & Barrett where you can have it delivered free to a local store. I have also seen it for sale in Earthy.

The spaghetti has a staggeringly low carb count and a really high protein and fibre count – so wins on the healthy front.  It is easy to boil and I added pesto and spring onion to it.  While the consistency is slightly grainy, it works really well with a sauce and is a much healthier option to all those high refined carb-loaded supermarket spaghettis (though I still quite like them!).

Some gluten-eating testers also gave this the thumbs up.  It would work well in a lunchtime salad or for someone who has the misfortune to be both diabetic and coeliac or gluten intolerent.

As always, this is not a cheap option, at £3.35 a packet, but it is filling!  They also do a fettucine and a black bean pasta.

The H&B delivery service is good and they sell a wide range of gluten free items, including the excellent Provena oats.

glutenfree spaghetti