Eating good quality gluten free food, mainly in Edinburgh


Ristorante pizza

Finding good quality gluten free homecook pizza has suddenly taken a real turn for the better.  To add to the list of new supermarket options, Dr Oetker Ristorante has now launched two gluten free pizzas in the frozen aisle.

Available from Tesco, the first thing you notice about these pizzas is that they are not in the free from section, but are right next to their gluten-loaded cousins.  To be positioned alongside the “normal” range is brave as we have to assume some people will buy them by mistake, so they have to match up to standard.  The good news is that they do!

While I am not a big homecook pizza person, I do have teenagers who are, and their pizza of choice is often Dr Oetker Ristorante.  So I roped in a Teenage Gluten-eatingTester to try this pizza with me.  His verdict was that “there is no difference” – and he eats a lot of this brand.  So well done, Dr Oetker!

Being coeliac or gluten intolerent when I am the main cook in our house must be easier than catering for youngsters who want to eat food like their friends.  Well, here is your answer if you have coeliac children.  Though it is also a great option if you are just a big pizza fan.

The range includes mozzerella and salami options.  However, as with many pizzas, you can add your own toppings before cooking, so the choice is endless.  They have a crispy base, lots of cheese and plenty of flavour – and I really recommend them!

Now you too can get a pizza the action, gluten free.