Eating good quality gluten free food, mainly in Edinburgh


Deans gluten free shortbread

There is no reason why we coeliacs should accept second best.  My approach is usually that if a gluten free alternative is not as good as the original, then don’t bother.  But with the new gluten free shortbread range from Dean’s, I think I have found a gluten free alternative that is as good, if not better, than the original.  This is the crunchiest and most buttery and melt-in-the-mouth shortbread I have tasted.

Dean’s has produced three flavours: All Butter (ie plain); Choc Chip & Stem Ginger; and Choc Chip.  The packaging is attractive and sufficiently tartanised to appeal to the tourists without putting off the locals, and it is an overall quality product.

When my little boxes of delight arrived, my teenage gluten-eating taster and I tried them out and he declared immediately that they were as good as Dean’s usually is (by which he means excellent as Dean’s has always been our family favourite).  And when I got back from the cinema I found the whole packet of choc chip was gone!  Praise indeed.

The choc chip one is not too sweet and the one with added stem ginger has a real zing to its flavour.  At heart, however, I like my shortbread as it comes and the all butter plain one does not disappoint.  The butter flavour comes right through, the crunch and crumbliness is as it should be and the biscuits are a good size. They are also not too salty – some mass market shortbreads have an overpowering saltiness, but as with the “normal” Dean’s product, they have gone easy on the salt.

You need to try these.  With shortbread as good as this, who needs to bake?  I am not yet sure on stockists, but I will keep you posted as I spot them around Edinburgh or hear where you can buy them.  At the moment they are available online and are really worth trying.  Thank you Dean’s of Huntly!