Eating good quality gluten free food, mainly in Edinburgh


BFree Pitta

Finding good quality gluten free bread products is probably the toughest thing about being coeliac.  So many bread substitutes are just not very nice.  However, these BFree pitta breads are just fantastic!

The clever people at BFree, a business based in Dublin, had a large stand at the recent Allergy and Free From Show in Glasgow.  They very kindly gave me some pitta breads to try, which have been in the freezer for a few weeks now.  They defrost quickly, toast easily (I cut them in half) and then are really very good with some houmous or cheese.

You could fill them up for a lunchbox or serve them with dips – definitely worth a try. For those of you who are also looking for more than just gluten free, these breads are also free from soy, dairy, egg and nuts.

The BFree website tells me their products are stocked in Asda and Tesco, plus they also sell online.