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No G quiche

These little No G pies and quiches continue to delight. This little cheese and onion quiche is no exception. While I am not a big pie eater, a slice of quiche is definitely a treat for a coeliac! As before, my pie-eating son was my main tester because of his high level of expertise in the area.

quiche2This quiche would do well for one person (which is often how a coeliac eats) who has a normal appetite. I should be happy to have this with a pile of salad and it would make a filling meal. The quiche is oniony and the onion flavour is strong, but it matches well with the cheese. The pastry is light and holds well together, but is also crumbly as you eat it. On balance I still prefer those delicious open topped vegetable pies, but this quiche is good!

I have not tried to freeze the No-G products, but they say they freeze, so these are a good option for storage, just in case, or to have to hand when you want a tasty bite.

Give them a go! Available in Sainsbury’s and Ocado.