Eating good quality gluten free food, mainly in Edinburgh


Sugar Daddy’s

As Edinburgh’s only fully gluten free bakery, Sugar Daddy’s has become something of a tourist attraction for the gluten free eating tourist!  With its counter piled high with the most delicious cakes, many of which are also vegan, and the promise that the whole place is contamination-free, it’s no wonder the visitors flock there.

I am a truly fortunate person as the really fantastic team at Sugar Daddy’s has two shops: the original wee shop on Rodney Street (right round the corner from my office!); and the newer full-on cafe and takeaway on Roseneath Street in Marchmont (only a couple of easy miles from my house!).  They are both slightly out of town, but not far at all.  If you want to visit the one on Roseneath Street, you can just take the 41 from Hanover Street, or walk over the Meadows; and the Rodney Street one is just down the hill and a bit from Broughton Street.  And I can tell you, they are both worth the trip!

On Saturday morning I dropped by the Roseneath Street cafe for a cup of coffee and a morning brownie treat (great coffee – swanky coffee machine) and to pick up some takeaway cakes for tea.  I spotted the breakfasts on offer, which are truly amazing value – avocado toast is piled high and sells for only £5.   The cafe is not immediately obviously GF, so I bet plenty of gluten-eating-people eat in there without realising, as the food is truly delicious.  When we take a box of cakes home for tea, they rarely last that long.

I love the decor at Sugar Daddy’s too.  It’s got a 50s diner vibe and the colours are bright and cheering, with always super-friendly service and plenty of tourists snapping pictures, so there is a buzz about the place too.

To the cakes:  my favourites are often the cookie sandwich.  At the moment there is a carrot cake cookie sandwich (full of a delicious vegan cream); and a chocolate and raspberry one – also so delicious my gluten-eating-son had finished it in the car before we got home (v annoying!).  There are always some cupcakes to choose from too – a PBJ one that is also nut-free; a delicious victoria sponge full of jam; and a tasty lemon and blueberry option.  They also make scones!  Sugar Daddy’s also produces layer cakes and you can order them for your party/birthday/personal greed too.

If you visit Roseneath Street you can also have soup and sandwiches, salads and quiche.  The Rodney Street shop which was the original store, has now closed.

If you are visiting Edinburgh, this has to be on your GF bucket list and you will not regret it.  On a recent trip to Paris I tried the gluten free bakeries there.  Obviously, they are more refined and understated, but a lot less fun and a lot less like the food you enjoyed as a child.  Sugar Daddy’s is almost like a dream come true.


Sugar Daddy's
8 Roseneath Street, Marchmont Cres, Edinburgh EH9 1JH
0131 228 3791
Please mention Gluten Free Edinburgh when booking.