Eating good quality gluten free food, mainly in Edinburgh


Soul Sushi

I am sure we have all wondered why so little sushi is gluten free.  It’s just fish and rice, so where’s the gluten?  Often, the mass produced boxes of sushi in supermarkets have wheat in them because it’s used in the production process, to make things glue together easily and, obviously, those little fish-shaped bottles of soy sauce aren’t GF either.  So often, sushi is sadly off the menu.

But not with Soul Sushi in town!  This great little takeaway (with a few seats for eating in) has a whole gluten free menu!  They also drop a few sachets of GF soy sauce into your bag, to keep those little rolls tasting good.

We dropped by for a taster, picking up a bundle of goodies: salmon & tuna nigiri; spicy avocado hosomaki; salmon rolls; and some other gluten-containing rolls for my gluten-loving student.  Set on Nicholson Street in Newington, this takeaway is in the heart of the student area and is clearly aiming at the market, with local deliveries available – so she was keen to check it out too.

Our sushi supper was excellent and some of the best I have had in a long time.  Giving up on finding good rolls and nigiri, I had been trying to make my own – but not any more – I will just nip down to Soul Sushi and pick up a selection.  There is a good range that is GF and if you order in advance, they’ll make a whole platter for you!  The fish is really fresh and the rice holds together well.  There is enough spice to keep up the flavour and overall this is definitely a new favourite for me.

So much takeaway is off limits when you have to be careful, but it was clear that contamination was taken seriously here and that nothing was too much trouble.   A ring in advance and I can see platters waiting for me on my way home – what a treat!

Check out the menu on the right and pick up the phone ….


Soul Sushi
126 Nicolson St, Edinburgh EH8 9EH
0131 667 0200
Please mention Gluten Free Edinburgh when booking.