Eating good quality gluten free food, mainly in Edinburgh


Safari Lounge

Edinburgh is packed full of pubs, but the difficulty for any coeliac is finding a gluten free beer and also enjoying some food alongside your fellow drinkers.  Well, look no further than the Safari Lounge on London Road near Meadowbank.

Safari Lounge is a quirky little place, close to town and also really characterful, with excellent service levels.  We enjoyed an office leaving do there and found it to be excellent for both GF beer and pub grub!

Top of the pick at the Safari Lounge has to be that they serve the excellent GF Bellfield Brewery beers and also use them in their cooking.  As the pub is just round the corner from the new Bellfield site where they will soon open a tap room, you can often see the talented team dining here.

The menu is almost entirely gluten free!  There is pretty much only one section of wraps which is not GF, and everything else – including fish and chips – is GF.  We order a bundle of items off the menu including: chicken drumsticks, mussel popcorn, vegan nachos, fries, some chicken nuggets (yes!) and, of course, the fish and chips!

While much of this food has been fried, it is not fatty and unhealthy.  They still add some zingy salads to the side and it is the ideal accompaniment to a bit of an office night out.  The fish was really fresh and the batter was light and delicious.  The potato wedge fries were also tasty and a tomato sauce on the side brought them even further to life.  The skinny fries were pretty good, particularly with the chicken, and the food was all tasty and not too oily at all.  The mussel popcorn is made using the Bellfield Beer in its batter and comes with a spicy dip too.  The choice is just brilliant.

Add to these tasty bites, the main courses are also GF, including a curry of the moment, soup, chicken souvlaki, safari dhal and an amazing innovation: vegan fish and chips.

There is a fun vibe at the Safari Lounge and I loved the funky toilets and the overall décor.  It’s a great place for a night out when you can feel totally normal and share food with friends, or for a pub lunch after a walk up Arthurs Seat.  It would also be a good place to go for a more sedate meal alongside a beer of choice. I loved the staff, who were so friendly and helpful and who enjoyed our enthusiasm for the wide selection.

Get it on your list now!


Safari Lounge
21 Cadzow Place, Edinburgh EH7 5SN
0131 661 4741
Please mention Gluten Free Edinburgh when booking.