Eating good quality gluten free food, mainly in Edinburgh


Di Giorgio

Di Giorgio is a gentle rebrand of what used to be Circle Cafe on Brandon Terrace in the Cannonmills area.  The level of service was so good and kind that I felt really at home there and it will be another of my new favourites.

digiorgio2While there was no actual gluten free menu, you cannot beat a waiter/manager who sits down at the table and talks through the menu + a chef who sticks his head out of the kitchen to ask if I would like gluten free pasta.  I was made to feel so welcome and valued, it was lovely.

My quick lunch was just that and it was delightful right through.  The cafe has had some refurbishment though as I had not seen it beforehand, I cannot tell you what a tremendous refurb it has had.  However, huge windows add light to the lovely natural feel of the place: exposed stone walls, relaxed tables and, of course, the friendly service.

digiorgio3I chose gluten free pasta with a fish ragout sauce: tomato, fish and garlic + pasta.  While my companion had the gluten loaded version and it was clear his pasta was fresh where mine was dried, the quality and flavour was identical and I loved it.

A quick peppermint tea to follow and a reasonable £12 a head, made this a good lunch spot.  It would look great in the evening too, with candles throwing shadows around the room.

For the gluten lovers there are lots of ciabatta, sandwiches and cake, but the choice for me was good.


Di Giorgio
1 Brandon Terrace, Edinburgh EH3 5AE
0131 624 4666
Please mention Gluten Free Edinburgh when booking.