Eating good quality gluten free food, mainly in Edinburgh


Portobello Cake

On a day of rain and showers and very cold winds, we enjoyed a walk along Edinburgh’s seafront, from Musselburgh to Portobello.  Portobello is a great destination for families with children as the wide and very safe promenade is brilliant for bikes and scooters and the swimming pool is fantastic.

porty2After a quick stop at the Beach House Cafe on the front at Portobello, we decided not to eat in, but to buy some cakes to enjoy sitting by the beach (in between the icy showers!).  The Beach House Cafe not only has a range of gluten free cakes, but they are also housed in their own extremely chic cabinet.  It is a well-sized, bustling cafe with good views over the sea, that serves a quality range of foods and clearly knows how to keep a coeliac happy.  On a less busy day we will return to do a proper review.

We bought the Nutella cake and the cashew, coconut and parsnip cake.  Having earlier passed a very cute upmarket snack van, we took our cakes as takeaway in a box and headed back to the snack van for some gluten loaded goodies for my husband, some good coffee and a peppermint tea.

In a sense we squeezed two mini reviews into one visit.  The van is terrific and run by two really friendly weather-aware people.  How can you not know everything about the weather with the amazing view they look at every day?

porty3The cakes from the Beach House had fortunately lasted well in their cardboard box.  The Nutella cake was really, seriously moist and delicious, with a Nutella icing and I wished it was twice the size.  Utterly gorgeous.  Which is more than I can say for the coconut, cashew and parsnip cake!  I knew when I chose it that it could be idiosyncratic, but had hoped the parsnip would not be quite so overpowering.  We ate very little of it and while I was rather glad when a gust of wind deposited the cardboard box containing it right onto the beach, I should say in its defence that it was not at all gritty (until the sand go to it!) and was very moist.  I am just afraid it is a rather individual taste – and, unfortunately, not mine.

However, I highly commend the Beach House for its very stylish cabinet and I will be back to do a proper review another day.



Beach House Cafe
Beach House Cafe, Portobello Promenade, Edinburgh
Please mention Gluten Free Edinburgh when booking.