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Just one cake

Cuckoo’s Bakery Gluten Free Cupcake

Cuckoo’s Bakery has already been identified on this blog as being makers of really fine gluten free sponge. Today we have reviewed the Tropical Twist gluten free cupcake which is on sale all of this week.

joc2While £2.70 for one cupcake might seem expensive, it is clear that these beauties are a labour of love. The little orange flower and the flakes of coconut give the cake a more relaxed look than some of the others in shop, but the colours are zingy and in its own little box, it looked a delight.

I shared the cake with some gluten eaters, to get their perspective on the sponge. The consensus was that the sponge is of really good quality, moist and delicious. The filling, a mango and passionfruit puree at a guess, had the flavour of a Solero ice cream about it, which I liked, and the slight sharpness of it cut through the very sweet icing, so made a good combination.

You will need a spoon to eat this cake and it is definitely very much more of a pudding than a piece of cake. It collapses rather easily, probably due to the Solero centre, which is why you need the spoon.

However, we loved it and I highly recommend you buy one while stocks last!


Cuckoo’s Bakery
Cuckoo’s Bakery, 150 Dundas Street Edinburgh
Please mention Gluten Free Edinburgh when booking.