Eating good quality gluten free food, mainly in Edinburgh

Do you want to find the best gluten free food in Edinburgh?  

This website is here to help you check out restaurants, cafes and shops in Ediburgh for the best gluten free eating.   It includes reviews, round-ups, product reviews and some home baking, as I work my way around my home city, looking for the best coeliac-friendly and gluten free places to eat.

Edinburgh is packed full of exciting and interesting restaurants, cafes and shops and the choices for the gluten free eater are wide.  Whether you live or work here, or are visiting Edinburgh as a tourist, you can eat well – gluten free.

NOTE: Some of this site may be out of date and some of the reviews are now a few years old.  Since the pandemic, I am not quite up to date with what has reopened and some of the newer places in town (particularly street food, which is not really my thing), so it’s a good idea to check on social media or message a place before heading there.  I will update it when I can and once my day job is not quite so busy!    




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